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Blaby Stokes CE Primary School

Blaby Stokes Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

Why is it important to teach and learn a foreign language?

Fostering a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning a foreign language is at the heart of our French teaching at Blaby Stokes. We know that learning another language promotes and strengthens communication skills across the curriculum so providing children with opportunities to develop their skills and confidence, whilst celebrating all efforts to ‘have a go’, is fundamental to our approach.

We believe in the importance of developing children’s understanding of other countries and cultures, encouraging them to recognise that they are part of a wider world community.

What does French look like at Blaby Stokes Primary School?

French is taught by Miss Gogerly to all of our Key Stage 2 children in blocks during the year. Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to take part in a fun after school club to introduce them to learning a new language.

We use a range of teaching activities to support children’s learning including games, songs, stories, puppets and role play, and actions and visual cues to reinforce memory of new vocabulary. Our teaching covers a range of topics including counting, colours, celebrations, school, clothes, pets and family.

We equip children with a tool belt of skills to build their confidence to say, read and write words and sentences, to ask and answer questions and to give opinions. Lessons are reflective, encouraging children to draw on their previous language experience and skills to embed new learning.