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Blaby Stokes CE Primary School

Blaby Stokes Primary School

Remote Learning

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how we deliver education to our pupils. With the risk of any partial closure to schools, we have worked hard to develop a strong model for remote education.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how we deliver education to our pupils and with the partial closure of schools, we have worked hard to develop a strong model for remote education.  The DfE (Department for Education)  set an expectation this year that where pupils need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, or there are local or national restrictions requiring pupils to remain at home, schools are expected to provide immediate access to remote education. 

We have developed a handbook for parents and carers to support engagement with remote learning which can be found below. 

As a member of a trust of schools, we have decided to use Microsoft Teams to access learning whilst at home.  Microsoft Teams will also be used to support any child that has to remain at home while self-isolating. If your child is self-isolating you will be contacted by the school to inform you that daily home learning will be in your child’s Microsoft Teams Class, ready for them to access. This is our first step on our journey towards ‘Blended Learning’ – teaching children in the class and at home, if needed. 

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is a free Microsoft App/site that helps us to simplify creating, distributing and assessing learning in a paperless way. Teachers can use Microsoft Teams to send announcements to entire classes, share resources, lesson notes, inputs, diagrams, and monitor home learning. Children can use it to access work covered in class at school or at home, to discuss work with peers using the meeting chat function, to share work and to complete home learning. Parents can use some of the features of Microsoft Teams to help engage with and support children in their home learning. It is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet – laptops, desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones