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Blaby Stokes CE Primary School

Blaby Stokes Primary School

Class Information

At Blaby Stokes, we have 2 classes in each year group and we try to keep these classes below 30 pupils in each. Each class is named after a bird representing one of the 7 world continents. The teachers and support staff for each year group are: 

FRO (Robin) - Mrs O'Hara

FJG (Woodpecker) - Mrs Gurney

1JB (Flamingo) - Miss Jessop

1NC (Ostrich) - Miss Chudasama

2AJ (Hummingbird) - Mrs Jones

2SB (Little Owl) - Mrs Smart & Mrs Barnett

3HR (Toucan) - Miss Riley

3DB (Macaw) - Mrs Deakin

4TF (Kingfisher) - Mr Fox

4WB (Wren) - Mrs Ballard & Mrs Weedall

5EF (Night Jar) - Mrs Fellows

5LR (Kookaburra) - Mrs Rushton

6SP (Albratross) - Mr Protheroe

6HW (Penguin) - Mrs Oxborough, Mrs Birchall & Miss Winn